How to Write the Character "龍" for Dragon


The Chinese character for dragon "龍" has evolved over time from various scripts and is full of history and symbolism. The dragon as a symbol also has great cultural significance in many Asian countries.  

In its traditional form, the character "龍" for dragon evolved from the Seal Script 篆書. As a stylized drawing ofa Chinese dragon, it features aserpent's body on the right side with its tail towards the upper rightand legs on the right-hand side. The lower left side of the character features a mouth with whiskers and fangs, while the upper left has eyes and a crown.


Over time, the left side was simplified and abstracted, taking some influence from "立" and "月". It's worth noting that "竜" existed as a traditional variation of the script, which features a dragon seen face-on instead of curled around.



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