A simple introduction to Chinese writing

Bilingual educational materials designed for both native and non-native learners. Suitable for children ages from 3 and up.

AVailable now

  • The Book of Opposites
  • The Book of Opposties Write & Wipe Cards

Coming this Fall 2021

  • The Book of Nature
  • The Book of Nature Write & Wipe Cards
  • The Book of Seasons
  • The Books of Seasons Write & Wipe Cards

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From parents and teachers

This is very useful to explain the different strokes. It was the first time I introduced Chinese writing to a class of 3 to 6 years old and I think the material is a great help for introducing Chinese characters. The kids can easily see the correct direction of writing and follow the line and curves with their fingers.

Debby Y.

Agnes’ board books distill such a complex writing system into a beautifully designed package. The colour-coded Touch & Trace books encourage visual and kinaesthetic learning with a fine sand texture to aid tactile learning. (...) From a teaching perspective, these resources are pedagogically excellent.

Shannon W.

She loved them!!! She went through all of them without stopping and then wiped them off and did it again. She's not quite ready for the proper order but we talked it through with the book to lay the groundwork. Totally obsessed! Thank you so much for making them!!

Claire W.

Touch & Trace Book

An introduction to the basic building blocks of Traditional Chinese writing.

Written in Traditional Chinese with English Translations

Suitable for both native and non-native learners.

Write & Wipe Cards

Writeable and wipeable surface for practice and play

Available now

  • The Book of Opposites
  • The Book of Opposties Write & Wipe Cards

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