Chinese is one of the oldest and most widely used writing systems in the world. Rich in meaning and complexity, it often seems daunting to learn. 


Total number of Chinese characters.


What the average educated Chinese person knows.


What you need to know in order to read the newspaper.

Dot Line Curve was created by Agnes Wong, a mother and a designer, while thinking of a more approachable way to introduce Chinese characters to her daughter.

Like many mixed-culture families who wish to pass on their heritage languages to their children in a multilingual environment, the project was born out of the search for materials in traditional Chinese that are not only educational, but also visually engaging and beautiful.

The result is Dot Line Curve, a series of children's books and educational materials designed to engage young children in discovering Chinese characters. The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter this Summer — watch the original project video below to see how it all began.



From the initial sketches to the now printed books, the intention has remained the same — to bring a sense of joy to the language learning experience and make it more delightful, for both big and little ones alike.